Design vs. Art

When I was a kid, I hated early morning wake-ups. I remember that the bus would come to pick us up at 07:45 and I was ready to leave at 07:40. Not to mention that the famous technique I-don’t-sleep-I-just-think-I-am-sleeping during the first hour of lessons. But there was one day a week I would already be ready at 07:30 and would not fall asleep during class: Wednesday! First lesson: Arts & Design.

I still remember the gentle expression of our teacher who would tell us the subject with compassion for our suffering. One day she told me “You design so nicely” and I responded “I like painting” and then she answered back “No, Painting means Art, and you are only 7, too young to understand it”.

Well, I was pretty angry.

During all the years I was painting, I was always wondering about what was missing. And finally, one day, I understood.

Art is the expression of the Divine part of our Selves. The soul.

Design is the result of logical workflows.